Apple's M1 Mac shines as iPhones fly off (virtual) store shelves

From CNET: For more than a decade, Apple faithful have worried the mega-success of the iPhone would draw the company's attention away from its Mac computers. After all, its biggest events always revolve around the iPhone. And even Oprah focused on the iPhone when announcing her new partnership with the company, quipping, "They're in a billion pockets, y'all. A billion pockets."

Now those Mac computers are having a bit of a moment. The company's trademark laptops and desktops notched their best sales quarter ever during its second fiscal quarter, which is the three months ended in March. That amounted to $9.1 billion in sales, higher than the iPad, Apple Watch or AirPods.

"Demand feels very strong right now," said Apple CEO Tim Cook while discussing the company's results. He attributed the spike in part to the new technology built into the Mac (of course). He also said that working and learning from home played a part, and noted that with many people likely returning to a hybrid work setup when the pandemic ends, this trend may continue. "iPad and Mac continue to be critically important tools for our customers," he said.

The results were the highlight of a strong earnings report from the company, in which its profits more than doubled from the same time last year, and revenue jumped 53%. Sales of iPhones jumped too, up 65%, and the Mac and the iPad both saw sales increase by more than 70%.

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