Microsoft Fixes Annoying Windows 10 Application Layout Bug

From PC Mag: Have you ever woken a Windows 10 PC from its sleep state to find all your application windows have been rearranged? Microsoft has finally implemented a fix.

Posting on the DirectX Developer Blog, Michelle Xiong, a Program Manage on the Graphics Team, admits how frustrating this unwanted application window rearrangement can be. "You have to re-drag application windows to the original, intended position pre-sleep. This is likely to lead you to feel frustrated because this happens almost every time when your system goes to sleep and takes time out of your productivity."

The bug has an official name: "Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD)" and it specifically impacts DisplayPort multi-monitor setups when a Windows 10 system exits a sleep state. The windows have either moved around or end up clustered on one of your displays.

Thankfully, the need to drag all your windows back to their desired locations will soon be a thing of the past. A Rapid HPD fix has been implemented and is currently available in the Windows Insider Preview build (21287). It's turned on by default in this build so there's nothing to do other than allow your multi-monitor setup to enter a sleep state and see what happens when you wake it back up. Ideally, window rearrangements will no longer occur.

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