Facebook Introduces New Group Admin Tools, Fan Groups for Streamers

From PC Mag: Facebook is rolling out new tools to "empower" the more than 70 million active admins and moderators running online Groups around the world.

"What they do every day is at the heart of Facebook's mission of building community and bringing the world closer together," Maria Smith, vice president of communities and the Facebook app, wrote in a blog announcement.

Digital clutter is the bane of any Group supervisor's online existence. So, the social network launched Admin Home, "a simpler, more intuitive destination" for tools, settings, and features. Users can tailor the space to fit their needs, whether that's assessing issues, finding functions, or accessing new elements.

"Keeping Facebook groups safe is a priority and admins play a key role in helping maintain a safe and healthy culture within their communities," Smith said, introducing comment moderation. Housed in Admin Assist, the feature makes it easy to automatically control posts and comments.

Administrators can now restrict unqualified users based on how long they've held a Facebook account or been a group member, reduce promotional content by declining specific links, and use the company's suggested criteria to defend against spam, maintain positive discussions, and resolve conflicts.

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