Amazon Kindle Vella Launches, Offering Stories as Episodes Sold for Tokens

From PC Mag: Amazon today announced that Kindle Vella is now available in the US via the Kindle iOS app and on

Kindle e-readers may make 1,000-page novels much easier to read, but Amazon has another idea on how to offer long-form content to its customers. It's called Kindle Vella, and it launches next month, but not on Kindle e-readers.

Kindle Vella is a serialized story platform, offering episodic content to drip-feed story progression to interested readers. Despite the name, Vella will not be available to Kindle e-reader owners. Instead, Amazon is going to offer access to the content via the Kindle iOS app and on

As Engadget reports, when Vella launches in mid-to-late July, the content on offer will be sourced exclusively from US-based authors publishing in English, and each episode can be anywhere from 600 to 5,000 words. Amazon will offer a Kindle Vella store and "the first few episodes of every story are free," putting the onus on authors to have quite a few episodes available so as to encourage buying once the free episodes have been read and the reader is hooked.

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