Samsung's New 'The Wall' MicroLED TV Is Thinner, Scales Up to 1,000 Inches

From PC Mag: Samsung unveiled an updated version of its modular "The Wall" display today, offering a thinner TV with improved AI, a 120Hz refresh rate, and better image quality. And as the image above shows, you can create a 1,000-inch version of this TV if you have the space.

The Wall was first introduced by Samsung at CES 2018, where a 146-inch version was on display. By using MicroLED technology, Samsung was able to create panels that can be slotted together to form ever-larger TVs without constraining customers to just one size—you can always upgrade later by adding more panels.

For the 2021 model, Samsung introduced a new wireless docking connection that allows the depth to be cut in half compared to last year's model. The new design also allows The Wall to be set up in "concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined and L-type" positions. The typical setup allows for a 16:9 8K resolution, but Samsung supports up to a 16K resolution with 15,360-by-2,160 pixels if you have the money and space for it.

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