Zoom Opens Apps Marketplace, Virtual Events to All So You Never Have to Log Off

From PC Mag: While some of us might be sick of living inside Zoom boxes, the video-conferencing service wants you to spend even more time video chatting with your friends and co-workers by opening Zoom Apps and Zoom Events to everyone.

Launching with more than 50 services—including whiteboard, project management, and note-taking apps, plus video games—Zoom Apps lets enterprise and consumer customers connect third-party apps to Zoom.

Keep your team on track with Asana, add a little pizzazz to your background with Pexels, or pass the time with colleagues by playing a round of Heads Up. Sign in to install applications via the App Marketplace, or download them directly from the toolbar tab during Zoom calls (assuming your company administrator has enabled the feature).

In October, the company launched a public beta of its OnZoom events platform and marketplace, which lets paid users create, host, and monetize virtual events like fitness classes, concerts, improv shows, and drawing lessons. Participants, meanwhile, can search for events, donate to nonprofits, gift tickets, and favorite, share, and rate experiences.

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