Intel’s new NUC comes with 11th gen CPUs and space for a full-size graphics card

From The Verge: After teasing a new version of its miniature PC back at Computex 2021, Intel’s new NUC 11 Extreme is now available to preorder from SimplyNUC, with prices starting at $1,299. The machine, which is codenamed “Beast Canyon,” is listed with a three 11th gen Intel CPU options, and enough space for a 12-inch graphics card.

These three CPU options are a six-core Core i5-11400H, an eight-core Core i7-11700B, and an eight-core Core i9-11900KB. Intel has confirmed to The Verge that the new CPU options will also be available as an upgrade for owners of last year’s NUC 9 Extreme. However, it cautioned that “necessary design decisions” mean that front panel audio won’t be supported if you’re using a new CPU in the old chassis, and that PCIe Gen 4.0 is unlikely to be fully supported.

With a volume of around 8 liters, the NUC 11 Extreme is a little bigger than the 5-liter NUC 9 Extreme from last year. But Intel has put that extra capacity to good use with enough space for graphics cards up to 12-inches in length. That’s up from a maximum of eight inches in the last model.

A more powerful power supply (650W this year, up from 500W with the NUC 9 Extreme) also means the new model should be able to handle more power-intensive graphics cards. SimplyNUC specifically mentions that the computer can handle cards “with performance levels up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080” via its PCIe 4.0 x16 expansion slot, and the a spec sheet says graphics cards up to 350W are supported. For reference, Nvidia’s RTX 3080 draws 320W, while the 3080 Ti draws 350W.

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