Facebook halt sales of the Oculus Quest 2 due to face irritation concerns

From CNET: Facebook said on Tuesday that it is temporarily halting sales of the Oculus Quest 2, a month before a planned update to a new entry-level model with more onboard storage. The move comes after several reported cases of skin reactions to the headset's included foam faceplate, the social media giant confirmed.

The reactions to the foam face-piece haven't happened to everyone, but reported cases have sometimes been bad enough to cause faces to puff up and eyes to close. Facebook voluntarily stopped selling the Quest 2 in coordination with the US Product Safety Commission.

The company will outfit the new version of the Quest 2 with a new silicone face cover. Existing customers can contact Facebook for the replacement cover as well.

The recall is happening a month before Facebook is updating the Quest 2 with more storage: a new version of the $299 Quest that goes on sale Aug. 24 will have 128GB of storage instead of 64GB. Quest models will include the silicone face-cover in the box from that point onward. It's awkward timing for the move, but also looks like a chance for Facebook to replace Quest 2 stock with models that have the silicone covers.

"Consumers who experience a skin irritation or reaction should immediately stop using the recalled foam facial interface, and all consumers should contact Facebook Technologies to receive a free silicone cover," said the US Product Safety Commission.

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