Intel Stops Talking About Nanometers, Starts Talking About RibbonFET, PowerVia

From PC Mag: The nanometer scale has been a core part of processor specs for decades. We're all used to hearing Intel talk about 14nm and 10nm chips, but not for much longer. Intel is moving away from the nanometer and introducing a new naming structure for process nodes.

Forget about chips being referred to as using "10nm SuperFin" and get used to hearing about Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, and eventually Intel 20A chips instead. Intel believes the name change offers "a clear and consistent framework to give customers a more accurate view of process nodes across the industry." In reality, it will likely have us all asking the question "how many nanometers is that Intel 7 chip?"

The new naming scheme breaks down as follows:

- Intel 7—up to 15% performance-per-watt improvement versus 10nm SuperFin.
- Intel 4—up to 20% performance-per-watt improvement versus Intel 7.
- Intel 3—up to 18% performance-per-watt improvement versus Intel 4.

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