Realme launches MagDart magnetic wireless charging devices

From The Verge: As The Verge reported last week, Realme is working on a magnetic wireless charging system for its Android phones, and today it’s revealed a full range of products that’ll use the new technology. Realme is calling the system MagDart, and it’s basically a high-powered take on Apple’s MagSafe system for the iPhone 12 range of phones.

The key product in the lineup is the 50W MagDart charger, which Realme says is the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger. It has an inescapably bulky cuboid design that makes room for a cooling fan, but Realme is banking that users will make the tradeoff for faster charging speeds.

When plugged into the company’s 65W SuperDart wired charger, Realme claims that the MagDart charger will fill a 4,500mAh phone battery up to 100 percent in 54 minutes. That’s almost as fast as what you get from Realme’s 50W wired charger.

If you don’t want to have to plug a charging brick into a charging brick, Realme is also working on a somewhat sleeker and more convenient 15W MagDart charger, which basically looks like Apple’s MagSafe puck — though Realme points out it’s 26.4 percent thinner and claims faster charging speeds. It’ll fill a 4,500mAh battery in 90 minutes, according to Realme, which would indeed be much faster than Apple’s own 15W option.

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