YouTube Search Results Now Feature Chapter Previews, Foreign Language Videos

From PC Mag: YouTube is introducing new ways to help people find relevant content. The video-sharing platform this week began making its search page more visual, with chapter browsing and automatically translated captions.

Most YouTubers are familiar with the scrolling list of thumbnail search results, but one image often isn't enough to gain an understanding of a video's content. With that in mind, the site launched video chapters directly in the YouTube search page.

"When available, these time-stamped images detail the different topics covered in videos and let you better evaluate the video you're about to watch," Pablo Paniagua, director of product management at YouTube, explained in a blog post. "You can also jump directly to the section most relevant to your specific interest."

Say you're finally putting that sourdough starter to use and want to work on your kneading technique. A quick YouTube search highlights all the steps in a video, allowing you to skip directly to the chapter on plying dough. The platform is also rolling out a version of its desktop "hover to preview" feature for mobile.

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