Thermaltake Debuts TOUGHFAN 12 in Turquoise and Racing Green

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake debuts the new TOUGHFAN 12 High Static Pressure Radiator Fan in Turquoise and Racing Green to add some flair to the original TOUGHFAN series while continuing to achieve supreme cooling results. The new fans are also new models of our multicolored series, users now can match up the same Turquoise, and Racing Green colored chassis or memory to form the ideal PC build and to accomplish the "Your MOD, Your Way" spirit.

Inheriting all the merits of the original TOUGHFAN 12 series, the TOUGHFAN 12 Turquoise/Racing Green High Static Pressure Radiator Fan delivers quiet cooling performance, outstanding stability, and a superior lifespan. Featuring the high static pressure fan with PWM-control, the TOUGHFAN 12 Turquoise/Racing Green High Static Pressure Radiator Fan can perform at a maximum operating speed of up to 2000 RPM but maintains a low audio noise level of only 22.3 dB-A. The fan blade is made from liquid crystal polymer (LCP) compounds that are extremely tensile in strength; their low thermal expansion coefficient can reduce the fan's vibration under full-speed loading. Notably, the fan blades of Turquoise are in the color of light gray with a pearl reflection, while the Racing Greens are in charcoal black with a metallic reflection; the perfect match of color pushes the beauty of TOUGHFAN 12 to another level.

To enhance the stability and durability as well as lowering noise level while the fan is operating, the centerpiece of the TOUGHFAN 12's motor hub is made of full steel, and has a copper housing that reinforces the shaft. The anti-vibration rubber pads attached to the corners also help dampen the vibration, giving protection for both the fan and the case. Additionally, The TOUGHFAN 12 is equipped with an optimized second-generation hydraulic bearing. The unique structure design allows lubricant to concentrate in lubricating the critical areas, better-reducing friction and further extending the fan's lifespan.

For PC enthusiasts who are eager for a powerful, silent, and colorful fan for your PC, the new TOUGHFAN 12 Turquoise/Racing Green High Static Pressure Radiator Fan will be the perfect option for you!