Acer Laptop With Holographic Display Will Cost You $4,150

From PC Mag: It turns out Acer’s hologram-powering laptop from Computex is going to cost over $4,000.

The “ConceptD 7 SpatialLab Edition laptop” is going to start at €3,599 (or $4,150) when it first launches in Europe, Middle East and Africa this December, Acer announced today. It comes to North America sometime next year.

The laptop stands out by featuring a stereoscopic 3D display and eye-tracking cameras to help create the illusion that objects on the screen appear in three dimensions.

To generate the effect, the laptop relies on lenticular 3D. The product’s two-lens cameras can track your head and eyes as you move around the laptop. The system then takes this data, and uses the stereoscopic 3D display to generate different angles of the image to each of your eyes, no 3D glasses needed.

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