ASUS Launches PureGo PD100 (Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector)

From ASUS Press Release: ASUS today launched the ASUS PureGo PD100, a food safety detection device that identifies pesticides, pollutants, and other residues from fruits and vegetables.

Intuitive "Drop-In" Design
The PureGo allows consumers to easily check if fruits and vegetables are safe to eat. An intuitive "drop-in" design means that food is placed within the washing container and, as water runs through the food, PureGo checks for pesticides and other contaminants.

The device is designed with a food-grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR) exterior and includes a 28-fin spiral filter that protects the optical-sensor from residue. The PureGo is built for fully-wireless charging, allowing the device to be safely immersed in water.

Food Safety Technology
The PureGo provides laboratory-grade, food safety technology into household kitchens. Using an optical-detection sensor to identify pesticides and other harmful pollutants, the PureGo can detect the cleanliness of fruits and vegetables quickly upon water submersion.

Safety status is indicated in seconds: a green light on the external ring indicates if the food is clean (at a safe level) and an orange or red light indicates if more washing is needed.

Companion App: Cleanliness On-The-Go
The ASUS PureGo mobile companion app records historical data, including time spent washing and cleanliness detection levels, to optimize each washing session. The app also provides users with a cleaning session history log, detailed real-time analysis, and sharing capabilities, as well as automatic notification and machine calibration reminder functions.

The ASUS PureGo app is Android and iOS compatible and is available for download on Google Play and App Store.