Twitter Now Auto-Captions Videos

From PC Mag: Twitter this week began rolling out automatic captions for videos. The mobile and web-based feature marks a step forward for accessibility on the social network.

There's a catch, though: Auto-captions appear only on new videos; non-subtitled content shared before Tuesday will not receive retroactive captioning.

For Android and iOS users, text appears automatically during a muted clip. You can, however, set captions to remain on even after increasing your device's volume. On the web, use the "CC" button to toggle them on or off.

Auto-captions appear in the language of the device used to upload the video originally; translation is not yet available, according to Twitter Support. And while there's currently no option to preview, edit, or report inaccurate text, it's likely the company is working on a fix. A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge, "we're always looking at ways to improve our accessibility features."

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