Google Voice Adds Custom Call Forwarding, Screening, Greeting Options

From PC Mag: Google Voice just improved the call experience by introducing a number of customization options including the ability to send anyone you don't want to talk to directly to voicemail.

Via Google Voice settings, create rules for how incoming calls are handled—whether that means steering your boss to a linked phone number or sending certain coworkers directly to voicemail. "These options allow you to route incoming calls in ways that are most efficient to your workflows and productivity, including granular settings for specific contacts," explained a Google Workspace update.

Users can also opt to screen calls from particular people, set custom voicemail greetings for individual callers, and apply rules to all contacts or specific groups.

To take advantage of the new features, navigate to Settings > Calls > Custom call forwarding to start making changes. Search for a name or scroll through your list and select to whom you want rules to apply—all contacts, starred contacts, coworkers, family, neighbors, friends, anonymous callers, etc.

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