Razer shows off Project Sophia, a futuristic gaming desk prototype

From CNET: Razer always brings its strong prototype game to CES. In past years we've seen triple-screen laptops, modular desktops and laptops with pop-out touchpads. Most of these concepts never become actual products, but it's a fun showcase for interesting future tech ideas.

For CES 2022, the now-requisite Razer prototype is called Project Sophia, which the company calls a "gaming desk concept." I usually get to at least kick the tires of these one-off projects, but showing off a prototype at a largely remote event is tougher. For now, all I've seen are some images of a 3D render of the concept and a short video clip.

Still, it looks interesting, and exactly like the kind of expensive executive-level toy I'd never be able to afford or fit into my Brooklyn apartment.

The massive desk is modular, with the ability to swap components and features in and out as needed. In the sample images, it's attached to a massive 65-inch OLED display, frankly one too big to actually sit that close to. But that's why it's a 3D render of a concept -- you can do whatever you want if you're not actually building it.

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