ARCTIC expands the Freezer 35 cooler series

From ARCTIC Press Release: Today, ARCTIC presents the complete Freezer 35 air cooler family. In total, the series includes four versions of the single-tower CPU cooler for different requirements and areas of application, whose heatsinks are identical in construction. The compact dimensions ensure optimal RAM compatibility. Four offset direct-touch heatpipes ensure fast heat transfer into the heat sink, where the powerful 120 mm P-fan with dynamic PWM control efficiently dissipates the heat.

The improved mounting system of the Freezer 35 series with spring-loaded screws is noteworthy, achieving optimum contact pressure and even distribution of the thermal paste. The socket-specific Intel/AMD variants offer a reduction in superfluous mounting material and simplify the installation of the coolers.

In addition to the standard Freezer i35/ Freezer A35 and the previously introduced A-RGB models Freezer i35 A-RGB and Freezer A35 A-RGB, RGB coolers for Intel (LGA 1700, 1200 and 115x) and AMD (AM4) are joining the market. The Freezer i35 RGB and Freezer A35 RGB feature 12 analog RGB LEDs in the fan hub. These can be controlled uniformly and are compatible with the common RGB standards of leading motherboard manufacturers, making a direct connection via a 12 V 4-pin RGB motherboard header possible.

For continuous operation, ARCTIC offers the proven CO cooler versions Freezer i35 CO and Freezer A35 CO with a dual ball bearing. With this bearing, contamination and high temperatures have much less of an effect than ordinary plain bearings and allow reliable continuous operation without sacrificing performance and durability.


Select Freezer 35 models are available now at All variations are expected to be available at the ARCTIC Amazon Store by mid-February.