Twitter Now Lets All Mobile Users Record Spaces

From PC Mag: All Android and iOS users can now record Twitter Spaces, the social network announced this week. When launching an audio-only room, simply toggle on "Record Space" to make the content available for public playback for 30 days after the Space ends.

Similar to sharing the replay of a live Instagram broadcast to your profile and feed, Twitter's latest feature makes it easy for creators to offer post-show access—if even temporarily. Rival Clubhouse in November rolled out its own version, dubbed Replays, with the added option of posting chats on third-party apps and sites.

Spaces hosts may, of course, delete recordings at any time during the subsequent month, though Twitter will reportedly keep audio files for up to 120 days, according to Engadget, in case it needs to verify a terms of service violation report.

Introduced in December 2020 to a handful of iPhone owners, expanded to Android beta testers in March, and rolled out to desktop users in May, Twitter's Clubhouse competitor is "focused on the intimacy of the human voice" and grants people more than 280 characters to engage. And while you still can't host a Space from the web, you may join them.

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