Apple Just Changed the Rules for Auto-Renew App Subscriptions

From PC Mag: Apple's latest update to the App Store rules allow subscriptions to more easily auto-renew at a higher price.

Currently, if a subscription costs more than your previous payment when it comes time to renew, a user must explicitly accept the price hike or the subscription will automatically stop.

Moving forward, though, developers can—"under certain specific conditions and with advance user notice"—increase the price of a subscription without the customer taking any action(Opens in a new window), thus avoiding any interruption to service. The "specific conditions," Apple is referring to require that the price increase doesn't occur more than once per year, doesn't exceed $5 and 50% of the subscription price or $50 and 50% of the annual cost, and is permissible by local law.

The user will be made aware that a price increase is going to happen, but only needs to take action if they want to cancel their subscription before it happens. "In these situations, Apple always notifies users of an increase in advance, including via email, push notification, and a message within the app," Apple explains. "Apple w

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