New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Comes With a Faster Processor, USB-C and a Price Hike

From CNET: Every year Amazon refreshes at least one of its Fire tablets with small but often meaningful upgrades. The entry-level Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids are the latest to get the improvements. Amazon added USB-C charging along with a 30% faster processor, double the RAM and 40% percent more battery life. But this year's update is coming with a less desirable change, too -- a 20% price hike.

Available for preorder today and shipping June 29, you'll have to pay $10 more for the new Fire 7, which now costs $60 instead of $50. The new Fire 7 Kids, which includes a case, a one-year Amazon Kids Plus subscription and a two-year replacement guarantee should it get damaged, is also pricier: $110 instead of $100.

The Fire 7 was last upgraded in 2019, and while the screen resolution remains the same at 1024x600 -- that's its biggest technical weakness -- you're getting a zippier tablet with a faster processor, and 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB. Battery life is now listed at 10 hours of mixed usage, up from 7 hours.

The base model includes 16GB of storage (32GB is an upgrade option) and a 5W charger. Amazon didn't say whether the tablet will charge any faster if you have a higher wattage charger -- you'd think it would -- but should we confirm it does, we'll update this article.

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