Fitbit Challenges Samsung With New Sleep Analysis Feature

From CNET: Fitbit devices have tracked sleep for years, but the company is now doing more to help you make sense of that data.

Fitbit's new Sleep Profile feature, which the Google-owned fitness company announced Wednesday, analyzes wearers' sleep each month based on 10 metrics. It then compares those readings against what's considered typical for a person's age and gender. Fitbit's update is the latest sign that tech giants are paying more attention to the importance of sleep as it relates to overall wellness.

Fitbit's Sleep Profile seemingly has a lot in common with Samsung's Sleep Coaching feature, which the smartphone maker announced for the Galaxy Watch 4 back in February. Both programs assign wearers a specific animal meant to symbolize their sleeping patterns. (For instance, Samsung says I'm a "sensitive hedgehog.")

In a blog post, Fitbit said the animals can change each month based on the data collected, and there's no ideal animal. Each symbol has been crafted to give you a better understanding of your sleep. Fitbit's Sleep Profile will also incorporate new metrics such as sleep schedule variability, the amount of time before you reach a sound sleep and disrupted sleep.

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