Apple's First Mixed-Reality Headset May Sport New M2 Processor

From CNET: Apple's first mixed-reality headset could come with the company's flagship M2 processor, just one piece in a "deluge" of new products the company is expected to unveil in the next year, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported Sunday.

The M2, unveiled in June, features redesigned central processing units and a significant memory increase, which would provide a big boost to the much-rumored headset over the previous M1 chip.

The headset, reportedly incorporating both virtual and augmented reality environments, is expected to provide a boon to the gaming industry. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier week that the headset -- expected to be announced in January 2023 -- would be the most complicated product Apple has designed yet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been vocal in his excitement about AR. Earlier this week, he explained that the tech industry is still in the "very early innings" of this technology's possibilities.

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