Google Spins Off New Subsidiary Focused on Government Cloud Clients

From PC Mag: Did your office or school struggle to get up to speed on Google Classroom or Google Meet during the pandemic? Perhaps next time, the new Google Public Sector division will be there to help.

Google Public Sector, announced this week, will be a subsidiary of Google LLC, and is intended to help US public sector institutions—federal, state, and local governments, plus schools—figure out how to use Google Cloud, which includes Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

"Our experts will assist agencies and educational institutions in their use of Google Workspace to enable secure communication and collaboration, and to attract new employees to the government through the use of these modern tools," Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, wrote in a blog post(Opens in a new window).

Customers will also get access to analytics, as well as AI and machine learning tools, Kurian says, so government agencies in particular "can modernize their legacy information systems."

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