Tesla's Unlimited Standard Connectivity Plan Now Only Lasts 8 Years

From PCMag: Until now, Tesla owners got the Standard Connectivity package for free with their electric vehicle for an unlimited period of time, but that just changed.

Tesla offers both Standard and Premium connectivity packages, with Standard only including access to an internet connection for navigation features. Premium costs $10 per month and unlocks a whole host of more data-heavy features including live traffic visualization, sentry mode (view live camera), satellite-view maps, video streaming, Caraoke, music streaming, and internet browsing.

As Electrek reports, Tesla updated its website to state that, "Standard Connectivity is included in your vehicle, at no additional cost, for eight years beginning on the first day your vehicle was delivered as new by Tesla, or the first day it is put into service."

Tesla also states that if you are purchasing a used Tesla it will be made clear how much longer you can use Standard Connectivity before it disappears as a feature. After that, it seems the only way to continue access to the navigation features is by paying for the Premium Connectivity package and unlocking everything else, too.

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