Valve Bans Game Awards and Review Scores From Steam Listing Visuals

From ExtremeTech: An upcoming Steam update will prohibit developers from adding award and major review scores to their games’ primary visual assets.

According to Valve, developers have gradually prioritized their titles’ various accolades in Steam banner images (officially referred to as capsule images). This has resulted in cluttered visual assets that confuse potential customers when shopping for their next favorite game. Rather than allowing the eye to take in a game’s name and general design, these jam-packed capsule images often contain multiple review scores, impressive review quotes, and award information.

While some seasoned Steam users might have learned over time to tune these out, others tend to find the award and review information cluttered. That goes doubly for listings in which award and review information obfuscate the game’s story, theme, or purpose. (It reminds me of flipping over a paperback to read the blurb on the cover, only to find a bunch of reviews from The New York Times instead. Like, what is this book even about?)

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