Intel Says It Won’t Hit Arc Discrete Sales Goals, Blames Its Drivers

From ExtremeTech: In last week’s quarterly earnings call, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger mentioned something we all kind of knew was the case: Its Arc drivers are not up to snuff. Because of this, the company will not meet its previous goal of shipping four million Arc GPUs to gamers in 2022. Who could have seen this coming? Aside from, you know, everyone?

Backing up a bit, in January Intel graphics Chief Raja Koduri responded to a tweet from PC Gamer imploring Intel to deliver Arc GPUs immediately. Back then, we were still in the grips of the GPU shortage, and COVID-19 was still causing mayhem. It was expected that Arc GPUs would be arriving shortly, and PC Gamer had seen this as the perfect solution to the GPU shortage. Indeed, if Intel had dropped its GPUs back then, at affordable prices, it would have had the market all to itself. Raja tweeted, “@IntelGraphics is working hard to find a path towards the mission – getting millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of PC gamers every year.” As it turns out, reaching that goal would be harder than Intel anticipated.

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