New Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

From Forbes: Apple leaks have consistently agreed on one thing: iPhone 14 models are getting more expensive. That is, until now.

In a new blog post, anonymous leaker Lanzuk has revealed that Apple has “decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model through a decision at the top executive level.” And given Lanzuk’s solid track record, there is every reason to believe this.

Lanzuk explains that Apple’s decision was based on “global mobile phone market stagnation and demand decline... so the price of the basic model is frozen despite some price increase factors.”

Detailed by other leakers, these factors include an increase in component prices due to shortages and Apple upgrading several key elements of the iPhone 14 lineup. Most notably, an all-new front-facing camera module from LG Innotek, which leaks claim is triple the price of its predecessor.

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