Samsung Adds Amazon Luna to Its Smart TV Gaming Hub

From ExtremeTech: Samsung’s 2022 lineup of TVs and monitors got a gaming upgrade in June with the addition of Stadia, GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming support. At the time, Samsung said its new Gaming Hub would get support for Amazon Luna in the future, and the wait was shorter than expected. As promised, Luna is now available on compatible Samsung smart TVs.

The Samsung Gaming Hub is built into the company’s current TV lineup, so you don’t have to get a streaming dongle or a separate TV box to stream games. It’s rare to find a media streaming device that supports more than one of these services, but with the latest edition, 2022 Samsung TVs support all of them. All you need is a compatible controller and a subscription to the service of your choice. Well, you need the TV as well, but Samsung’s offerings run the gamut from a budget-friendly 43-inch 4K model for as little as $550 all the way up to the latest 85-inch 8K set that costs $7,000.

Of course, none of these streaming services can manage 8K resolution — 4K is the best you’ll get (only 1080p on Luna), and the image clarity might not be what you expect from traditional gaming. Cloud gaming services like Luna render games on a server and then stream the video to you. That’s why a TV with a modest integrated processor can bring you games that usually require a powerful video card or game console.

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