Verizon Joins T-Mobile in Layoffs as Wireless Players Feel the Pressure

From CNET: Verizon has followed rival T-Mobile in laying off staff, CNET has learned. The wireless carrier would not disclose the exact number of employees it's cutting but did confirm the move had occurred.

"Throughout the year, our company makes adjustments to our headcount depending upon the needs of the business," a company spokeswoman said in a statement. "At times we could be increasing headcount in one area while decreasing the number of employees in others. There were a small number of employees impacted by this latest adjustment, but we have no specific details to share at this time."

The layoffs come nearly two weeks after the nation's largest carrier announced that it lost 215,000 consumer phone accounts in the quarter that ended June 30. Even with the benefit of business customers, its overall net gain of 12,000 subscribers paled when compared to its rivals. T-Mobile, which brought on 723,000 postpaid mobile subscribers, confirmed its own layoffs to CNET last month.

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