Spotify Launches Audiobooks. Don't Forget Your Wallet

From CNET: Spotify is changing from an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord to a place where you need to pay extra for some items on the menu.

On Tuesday, Spotify launched audiobooks for purchase in the US. Listeners can browse a library of 300,000 titles from publishers large and small in a new audiobooks hub, as well as in Spotify searches.

But unlike music or podcasts, Audiobook titles have a lock icon next to them.

Spotify will ask you to pay up each time you want to listen to an audiobook. After an unspecified free preview, you'll need to click a link directing you out of Spotify's app to its transactional website. There, you'll purchase the title upfront, regardless of whether you're already a premium member with a paid subscription or you listen to Spotify free with ads.

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