Everything Amazon Announced at Its 2022 Hardware Event

From CNET: Well ahead of the holiday shopping season, Amazon introduced on Wednesday a slew of new or updated devices: a Kindle e-reader, Echo smart speakers, Ring and Blink security cameras, Fire TVs and accessories and Eero network hardware. (Yup, I think that constitutes a slew.)

Most notably, the Kindle Scribe promises a compelling alternative for notetaking and the new Halo Rise sleep-tracking clock will give you slumber metrics without having to wear a smartwatch. For a complete play by play of the event, you can check out the archived version of our Amazon live blog.

The Kindle Scribe is also a highlight of Amazon's sustainability efforts. Meanwhile, the company plans to incorporate the Matter standard into Echo and Eero products this year, with broad support in 2023, to make them more compatible with other smart home brands.

The company wants to become part of your lifestyle as well, embedding itself everywhere as part of the "ambient environment" with "ambient intelligence." The latter translates into more AI in its products, like its new Alexa Shop the Look ("Alexa, show me the one-shoulder top!") and free Fire TV streaming on the Echo Show 15.

Astro, Amazon's home robot, will be getting new features, such as new alerts for caregivers and pet detection (with video!). Amazon has also expanded its integrations with Virtual Security Guard so you can monitor your small business.

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