Apple's Own 5G Modem Won't Be Ready for 2023 iPhones

From PC Mag: It looks as though Apple will continue to rely on Qualcomm for another generation of iPhone 5G modems.

As Bloomberg reports, Qualcomm stated in its earnings report yesterday that the company expects to provide the "vast majority" of 5G modem chips for the 2023 iPhone models.

Such news confirms that Apple simply isn't ready to start using its own modem yet, despite years of development. Bloomberg believes Apple's prototype modems overheat and that the company is now targeting 2024 for a switch to its own modem silicon.

Apple's ambition to develop its own modem chip became public knowledge back in 2019 when it acquired Intel's 5G modem business. Johny Srouji, Apple's senior vice president of hardware technologies, then confirmed in 2020 that development of the company's first internal cellular modem was underway. Meanwhile, Apple had settled lawsuits with Qualcomm, which included signing a six-year license agreement for Qualcomm to continue supplying chips.

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