Zoom debuts Zoom Spots, your forever Zoom meeting

From PC World: Zoom—the simple, straightforward video platform we all came to know over the last few years—now wants to expand its reach by adding email and “coworking,” too.

Yes, you heard that right. Now in addition to Microsoft Office / Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and the dozens of other various services we use to share information (and forget where that particular, necessary bit of information was shared), Zoom wants in on the mix.

It’s all part of Zoom One, the centralized Zoom service that already offers chat services, a shared whiteboard, dedicated chat rooms, and more. Zoom said Tuesday that it’s combining both in-meeting chats as well as “offline” chats into a single chat interface.

Zoom Spots, meanwhile, sounds very much like a perpetual Zoom call. “Coming in early 2023, Zoom Spots is Zoom’s virtual coworking space,” the company said in a blog post accompanying Zoomtopia 2022, its annual conference. “It is designed to foster inclusive discussions, bringing the fluid interactions of in-person work to distributed, hybrid teams throughout their work day. Zoom Spots replicates the ‘working alongside’ aspect of an open office for workers and encourages free-form video-first conversations.”

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