Elon Musk Tells Twitter Staff They Can't Work Remotely Anymore

From PC Mag: Elon Musk has sent his first email to Twitter employees, and it will do little to boost morale.

The content of the email was reviewed by Bloomberg(Opens in a new window), and Musk used it as a way of warning staff that there are "difficult times ahead." He's referring specifically to the economy and how the predicted downturn is going to have a negative impact on Twitter because it's currently so dependent on advertising.

It seems unlikely that will lead to more job cuts in the near future because Musk's team already fired half the staff (and invited a few back). However, the email also told those staff who remain that remote work is no longer allowed. Musk wants everyone at Twitter in the office for at least 40 hours a week unless someone gains approval (from him) to work off-site.

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