Apple to spend $450M on SOS via satellite for iPhones

From ComputerWorld: Apple has announced it will invest $450 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to develop the infrastructure that allows off-grid backpackers to call for help when outside mobile coverage.

Apple’s iPhone 14 is the company’s first-ever satellite phone. Or to be more accurate, it’s a step toward becoming one. You can’t make calls on it, but you will soon be able to use the satellite connection to send messages to emergency services from across the US and Canada. This could be a life saver.

Apple has said it will offer Emergency SOS over satellite as a free service for the next two years; today’s release confirms it will launch this month.

In a statement, Apple said it is spending $450 million to help put in place the critical infrastructure its Emergency SOS via satellite for iPhone 14 devices requires. That means at least some of this cash is being spent to improve and expand the infrastructure of its satellite partner, Globalstar.

Today’s release specifically cites investments across Globalstar’s existing US ground stations in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Puerto Rico, and Texas. Apple also said more than 300 Globalstar employees now support the new service.

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