Qualcomm dubs Nuvia CPU ‘Oryon,’ on track for 2023

From PC World: Qualcomm subtly adjusted its marketing strategy for its PC compute business on Wednesday, naming its next-gen CPU “Oryon” and claiming that the company’s goal was to “bring the best of the smartphone to your laptop.” Qualcomm didn’t announce a new PC CPU chipset, however.

Qualcomm wasn’t expected to show the fruits of its Nuvia acquisition, revealing earlier this year that the chips are due in late 2023. It might be a small thing, but Qualcomm executives said that the Oryon chips would ship in 2023, sans the “late” qualifier.

Qualcomm executives didn’t address an unexpected lawsuit by the company’s IP provider, Arm Ltd., against Qualcomm earlier this year. That would seem to put Qualcomm’s development of its next-gen Nuvia / Oryon chips in jeopardy. Qualcomm executives didn’t show any performance estimates of the new Oryon cores, and seemed reluctant to talk about them—perhaps restricted by Qualcomm’s legal department.

In any event, Qualcomm executives seemed eager to emphasize the new “experiences” that come with Arm chips, powered by artificial intelligence. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 smartphone chips include a new “Hexagon link” that helps the Snapdragon accelerate AI functions, and the Snapdragon chips’ AI functions help power everything from improved photos to better connectivity.

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