Amazon Job Cuts Extend Into 2023, CEO Says

From CNET: Layoffs and buyouts will continue at Amazon into 2023, the company's CEO, Andy Jassy wrote in a post on Thursday.

Jassy said the job reductions were a part of the company's annual operating planning review. This year's review was complicated by the "challenging spot" the economy is in, coupled with the fact that Amazon rapidly hired employees in recent years, Jassy said.

The e-commerce giant offered "voluntary severance" packages on Tuesday and Wednesday as it continued to enact substantial layoffs across the company, according to CNBC. Human resources and employee services were among the divisions that received the buyout offers.

While Amazon's third-quarter earnings saw improvement over earlier in 2022, overall profits were below expectations. As a result, Amazon had been cutting back in a number of areas even before this week's layoffs and buyouts.

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