Ford Recalls More Than 500,000 Cars Over Fire Risk

From CNET: Ford has issued a recall of 518,993 Bronco Sport and Escape vehicles from the 2020-2023 model years with three-cylinder, 1.5-liter engines over a potential cracked fuel injector that could cause a fire, the auto manufacturer said Thursday.

The recall affects 0.38% of 2020 model-year vehicles and 0.22% of 2021-2022 model-year vehicles. Ford expects the fuel injectors may start experiencing leaks at 15 years or 150,000 miles.

"Taking care of our customers who are affected by this potential issue is our utmost priority," said Jim Azzouz, executive director of global CX products and customer relations in a press release. "Once the repair is available, we will ask customers to schedule service with their preferred dealer. They can then take advantage of our complimentary pickup and delivery or a loaner to make sure the repair is completed at their earliest convenience."

Recalls aren't uncommon in the automotive industry. While some recalls are serious, posing potential fire risks or other dangers, others are more tame and can be done with minor repairs or software updates. Tesla issued a recall earlier this week over rear light issues and is doing a major recall in China over software and seat-belt issues. Stellantis, parent company to Chrysler, Dodge and Alfa Romeo, informed owners earlier this month over faulty Takata airbags affecting 276,000 vehicles. GMC recalled 735 Hummer EVs and 86 BrightDrop EV600 electric vans for improperly sealed batteries. Due to regulation and potential lawsuits, companies are usually quick to inform customers of recalls and quickly remedy issues.

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