AWS adds AI features to Textract, Transcribe and Kendra

From InfoWorld: Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday added new artificial intelligence (AI) features to some of its services including Textract, Transcribe, Kendra, CodeWhisperer, and HealthLake.

The new updates, according to the company, are expected to enhance AWS’ portfolio of AI services and lay at the top of its three-layer machine learning stack, which includes machine learning hardware and software libraries, and Amazon SageMaker—a fully managed ML development environment.

Enterprises can use the updated AI services out-of-the-box without any machine learning expertise, the company said.

Offered as part of Amazon Textraxct—an AI service to extract text, handwriting and data from scanned documents including tables—Amazon Textract Lending is designed to accelerate loan document processing in a cost-effective manner, Bratin Saha, vice president of AI and machine learning at Amazon, wrote in a blog post.

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