World's First 600Hz Gaming Laptop Display Revealed in China

From PC Mag: Gaming laptops sporting a 600Hz display became an option last week thanks to Chinese manufacturer BOE.

Dell may be offering a 480Hz refresh rate on some Alienware laptops, and Asus has teased a 500Hz display, but BOE is going a step further with a 16-inch laptop display capable of achieving a 600Hz refresh rate.

As TechSpot reports, BOE hasn't revealed anything about this new display other than the size and refresh rate. We therefore don't know if it's a IPS, TA, or VA LCD panel, the display resolution, or when exactly we can expect to see it appear in a commercial laptop.

BOE used the World Display Industry Conference held in Chengdu, China last week to introduce a working version of the display in a laptop. However, no specs were revealed about the laptop other than the fact it was running an AMD Ryzen processor and had Nvidia RTX stickers on the casing.

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