Intel’s next-gen ‘Meteor Lake’ chip tech is ready now

From PC World: Intel said Monday that the foundation of its next-generation processor, the Intel 4 process, is now “manufacturing-ready today.”

That process will be used to manufacture Intel’s next chip, code-named Meteor Lake.

Ann Kelleher, general manager of technology development at Intel, released an updated manufacturing roadmap in conjunction with the 2022 IEEE Electron Device Meeting, published in IEEE Spectrum. The roadmap itself looks similar, albeit with some fine-tuning of the roadmap. The news, however, is that Intel is on the cusp of launching what will probably be its 14th-gen Core chip, Meteor Lake.

Intel published its manufacturing roadmap for the next several years beginning this past February. It began filling in the details in August and earlier, revealing the roadmap through 2024’s Lunar Lake. The key, however, is what Intel released Monday, that Intel 4, and likely Meteor Lake, is now ready for manufacturing.

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