The Accord will be Honda’s first car to offer Google built-in

From The Verge: Honda’s next Accord will be the automaker’s first vehicle to support Google built-in integration, enabling native Android apps and over the air (OTA) software updates (via Automotive News). It will be included as a standard feature in the top Touring trim of the 2023 Accord, arriving early next year.

If you’re wondering whether Google built-in is new, or just another name for Android Automotive, the company’s vehicle OS, you’re not alone. We emailed the company to clarify for us and received this response from Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Senior Associate Sofia Abdirizak:

Google built-in is not new. It’s the branding we use for cars that support Google Automotive Services (GAS). It refers to when a car has Google apps and services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store directly integrated into the vehicle so you don’t need your phone to access them. This is different from Android Automotive OS, and manufacturers have the option to implement AAOS without opting into GAS. Some choose to use both.

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