AT&T Will Offer 6 Months of Nvidia's GeForce Ultimate for Free

From CNET: Last January AT&T and Nvidia announced a partnership that saw the telecom giant offer six months of Nvidia GeForce Now to its wireless users. Nvidia is unveiling a new, higher-tier Ultimate version of its game-streaming platform at CES 2023 and it's once again partnering with AT&T, this time to offer six free months of the service for its wireless and fiber users. 

AT&T says that the new offer will be available starting Jan. 19 to both new and existing wireless users who have an unlimited plan and a 5G device. It will also be offered to new subscribers of AT&T's Fiber home internet service so long as they're on a plan with speeds of at least 300 Mbps. 

As with the earlier GeForce deal, it is one subscription per AT&T account (not per individual line) and those with older wireless unlimited plans can still qualify. AT&T will also be making the offer available to people who previously took advantage of its prior GeForce offer. The carrier doesn't require that you give over a credit card to take advantage of the trial. 

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