Intel’s new laptop CPUs offer 24 cores and blistering 5.6GHz speeds

From PC World: Intel launched its entire 13th-gen Core (“Raptor Lake”) mobile processor lineup Tuesday morning at CES 2023 for laptop and gaming PCs, spearheaded by the 24-core Raptor Lake-HX platform and the Core i9-13950HX, a chip that can run up to a whopping 5.6GHz.

Intel unveiled four 13th-gen mobile processor families: the 55-watt HX series for creative professionals, the 45W H-series for high-performance gaming laptops, and the 28W P-series and 15W U-series processors for performance and thin-and-light laptops, respectively. What’s new? What Intel calls “endurance gaming” and a new Movidius VPU “AI card” for laptops, which sounds conceptually like the standalone sound accelerators of a couple decades ago.

Intel said it expects more than 60 HX-based gaming laptops, with over 250 different laptop models built around the remaining mobile processors. These and other 13th-gen Raptor Lake laptops will ship “later” during the first quarter 2023, executives said.

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