Intel’s latest Core processors bring the 13th-gen to the masses

From PC World: Intel added to their 13th-gen Core desktop processor lineup at CES 2023, with the announcement of the 65W family of desktop “Raptor Lake” processors for mainstream PCs.

Intel has already launched the enthusiast-focused Core i9-13900K and our review of the chip shows that it leads AMD’s Ryzen chips on multiple fronts. But the 65W chips are more than likely what most consumers will buy as opposed to the $650 Core i9-13900K, especially since most prebuilt PCs don’t include overclockable K-series chips.

Intel’s lineup will be led by the Core i9-13900, which will be slightly slower than the Core i9-13900K. The Core i9-13900 will run at 5.6GHz (versus 5.8GHz) and contain 24 cores (8 performance cores, and 16 efficiency cores) and 32 threads. If it’s like the Core i9-13900K, it will include a larger level two cache (2MB per performance core and 4MB for every efficiency core cluster) that will help boost performance. The new, updated processor family will top out at $549.

Intel includes two different processor families, which we’ve shown in the two slides below: the 35W T-series chips, optimized for small-form-factor and low-power builds, and the F-series, which does away with an integrated GPU to save a few dollars. Otherwise, the Intel Core i9-13900 i7-13700, and i5-13600 are the most powerful chips inside this family.

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