Netflix Lets Priciest Plan Download to Extra Devices, Adds More Spatial Audio

From CNET: Netflix said Wednesday it's adding two perks to its Premium memberships, both at no added cost: Accounts on its most expensive plan will be able to download to six different mobile devices, up from four, and they will have access to more than 700 titles with "Netflix spatial audio," a sound format that creates 360-degree effects.

Upping the download allowance to six devices, Netflix is lagging behind competitor Disney Plus, which allows subscribers to download to 10 devices on its Premium plan. (Some other streaming services limit the number of titles an account may download, rather than the number of devices: HBO Max caps the number of downloads at 30 for its higher-paying members, and Peacock limits downloads to 25 pieces of content with its top plan.)

The changes come as Netflix, the world's biggest subscription streaming video service of its kind, is poised to start a password-sharing crackdown. The company plans to start introducing fees in the next two months that will charge to share a membership between people who don't live together. And when you're paying extra to share a membership with more people, a lower limit on the number of devices allowed to download could crimp your usage.

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