AMD Announces Ryzen 7000X3D Pricing: $449 to $699 Starting Feb 28th

From Tom's Hardware: AMD announced three new Zen 4 Ryzen 7000X3D processors for its AM5 platform at CES 2023, and today it shared the pricing and availability for the Ryzen 7000X3D processors in a surprise video it posted to its YouTube channel.

The first two chips will arrive on February 28: The 16-core 32-thread 7950X3D at $699 and the 12-core 24-thread Ryzen 9 7900X3D that weighs in at $599. The eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen 7 7800X3D arrives on April 6 for $449. This represents anywhere from a $100 to $180 premium over the street pricing for AMD's non-X3D versions of these chips.

The three new high-end Ryzen 7000X3D processors come with the company’s revolutionary 3D V-Cache in chips that top out at an incredible 5.7 GHz, a much higher peak boost frequency than we saw with the first-gen models. This now-proven tech could allow AMD to snatch the top spot in our list of best CPUs for gaming and our CPU benchmark hierarchy from Intel’s potent Raptor Lake when they arrive in February.

The new high-performance AMD chips come in 8-, 12- and 16-core flavors, significantly expanding the lineup of 3D V-Cache chips over the eight-core Ryzen 7 5800X3D model that arrived as the lone first-gen X3D model. AMD claims explosive generational performance gains with these new chips, saying they will beat Intel’s fastest gaming chip by up to 24% in some games.

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