Vivo’s X90 Pro and its massive 1-inch camera sensor get an international launch

From The Verge: Vivo’s X90 Pro, announced for the Chinese market last November, is getting an international release. The X90 Pro is notable for being the latest to use Sony’s 1-inch-type 50-megapixel IMX989 camera sensor, and Vivo is keen to emphasize the low-light photography capabilities such a large (for a smartphone) sensor allows for. It’s joined by the non-Pro X90, which is getting a more limited release outside China.

Vivo is being annoyingly vague about exactly when the phones will actually be available to buy outside China, however. For now, it’s only saying that they’ll be releasing gradually across markets, starting with Malaysia, where the X90 Pro will cost 4,999 MYR (around $1,174 / €1,073) and the X90 will cost MYR 3,699 (around $869 / €794).

The X90 Pro is far from the first smartphone to ship with a 1-inch-type sensor, nor is it the first to use this specific component from Sony. But while we saw Xiaomi announce both the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro using Sony’s IMX989 sensor last year, neither of them have been released internationally (yet). That makes today’s Vivo launch more significant for international buyers.

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