Razer’s ultralight wireless mouse costs $280, speed holes included

From PC World: For the last few years mouse makers have been punching a bunch of holes in their designs to make them lighter, like that one car salesman on The Simpsons selling a car with “speed holes.” But it’s become a definite niche for ultra-twitchy gamers, and Razer isn’t one to shirk a trend. The Viper Mini Signature Edition combines a new magnesium alloy chassis (the same kind used in high-end laptops) with a holey hexagonal “exoskeleton” to make a 49-gram little monster.

The mouse has plenty of bells and whistles. We’re talking a 30,000 DPI sensor, third-gen optical primary switches rated for up to 90 million clicks, and Razer’s proprietary HyperSpeed wireless (sans Bluetooth, because l33t gamers can’t stand the latency). In wireless mode it’s good for up to 60 hours, and you can plug it in to a USB Type C cord when that runs short.

But that being said, there are a few omissions as well. There’s no dock charger, no tilt on the scroll wheel, and it uses the standard five-button shooter configuration. There’s only room for one saved profile in the mouse’s local memory, and perhaps most shockingly, Razer’s RGB lighting is nowhere to be seen. All that must have been necessary to cut in order to make the mouse so light. 49 grams isn’t the lightest on the market, even among wireless models. But it beats Razer’s previous best, the Viper V2 Pro, by almost 10 grams.

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